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How illuminating!

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

On Sunday, I spent the afternoon soaking up the sunshine and relaxing with friends at Matlock Bath's Annual Illuminations; an event originally celebrating Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. We caught up over coffee, walked along the river watching the boats pass by and played some good old fashion arcade games; at some point that afternoon a quote crossed my mind, ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content’. Wondering if there was any truth in this statement, I started the new week researching the need to recharge our batteries. How would taking a break benefit our physical health and peace of mind?

More than ever, people are using their social media platforms to openly share insights about ‘self-care’ and ‘wellbeing’. Yet, whilst many Instagrammer's document every high point, promoting a certain lifestyle that followers may aspire to; when combining this with the fact cost-of-living is rising, people are driving themselves to exhaustion trying to maintain this perceived sense of success. We may not be able to avoid the everyday stresses that come with 'adulting'; however, there is a way we can protect our frame of mind and overall ability to produce results. 

According to the online magazine ‘Entrepreneur,’

. This article explores how dedicating time to rest throughout the daily schedule improves productivity. Allison Gabriel states, "There is a lot of research that says we have a limited pool of cognitive resources. When you are constantly draining your resources, you are not as productive as you can be. If you get depleted, we see performance decline. You’re able to persist less and have trouble solving tasks." (Entrepreneur, 2017). Saurabh Bhatia, CEO at Vdopia was inspired to switch up his daily routine when he heard a TV commentator talking about basketball star LeBron James and how he makes use of personal downtime to recharge. He went in search of

, devising a 'Personal Programme of Boosts' that allowed him more time with his daughter and improved his overall wellbeing.

On this Monday morning, my findings confirm one thing: working smarter not harder, whilst balancing spurts of energy with moments of tranquility will support our ability to succeed. Spending quality time with our loved ones quietens the chaos of a hectic work schedule. In fact, as noon approaches, I'm going to step outdoors and enjoy a break from my desk. Aspiration and ambition are to be commended, but not at the cost of work/life balance. If we are to successfully be the CEO of our own lives, we must first find time in our schedules to live it!

What is Imagimont?

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