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Being Mindful of Every Experience 

Updated: Feb 13

Times they sure are a-changing! And quickly too!! How we work, how we play, how we live, every aspect of every day life is experiencing a period of change.

It's part of the human condition to instinctively make order from chaos. In the first instance, we might simply want to identify whether the change is going to be "Good for me" or "Bad for me!"; the next step is to learn enough about the chaos to organize it into ordered compartments. Attaining knowledge involves the formation of neurons that connect to known-knowns, allowing the brain to coordinate its actions and store information.

But with so much change happening in our world, there are many more transitional periods of chaos to make sense of and less time dedicated to understanding what just happened. Furthermore, those thoughts become all-consuming as they preoccupy more of our time than we'd like.

Think about it; have you ever left a busy day at work, arriving home with n