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Product Photography

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Social networks and online platforms are a great way to showcase what you do and why you do it. With a global rise in entrepreneurs - many of which have developed their own products and services to market for prospective clients - its important that their portfolio includes suitable images. As such, this short guide to product photography may be worth a read!

Personally, I've always been interested in creative enterprises, even from a young child (I used to write short stories on that old-skool computer paper, choreograph dance routines that our whole class would perform at Junior School and constantly drawing the poor cat who couldn't sleep without me sketching him!).

I think every one of us has the ability to let our creative juices overflow, and that's something we should harness to attract attention when presenting our wares; selling handcrafted items on Etsy, building your eBay shop etc.

First, make sure you have half decent lighting, an interesting backdrop and a camera. I love the

range but even the latest smartphones have excellent photo-capture capacity. Make sure to better understand the manual settings and control on the camera so you can feel confident that your initial photograph will be quality,without the additional need to retouch or edit in apps like



For speed of use, most eCommerce stores catalogue their products using a white background. But remember, this needn't be 'boring or basic' because the ultimate aim is to grab someone's attention. Make sure to consider what it is you'd like the potential client to understand about your business; are you marketing quality, innovation, value, or good ol' fashioned flair? Create accordingly!

For example, this photo was set up to replicate the classic Campari ads from the 1980s, so the mood is of opulence - cut glass crystal on a mahogany cocktail cabinet. I used the macro f8 lens and two backlights with foil shades to bounce luminosity.

My 'product' has no obvious link to alcohol, opulence or even product photography. I'm a Learning Specialist who uses design principles to create engaging and interactive development resources. This photo simply shows I understand how to present imagery.

What is Imagimont?

I'm Jo, a Freelance Learning Experience Designer at Imagimont Ltd. With a creative flair and commitment to engagement, I manage development projects that align to the organisation’s culture, values and business strategy. Partnering with internal stakeholders and external providers, I deliver blended learning resources fully accessible using multimedia at the point of need. My commercial awareness, UK Regulatory Compliance expertise and 10 years’ experience as a People Development Specialist ensure that learning initiatives evolve as quickly as service expectations.


to find out more.

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