Freelance Learning Experience Designer

Jo develops digital learning content to meet an organisation's regulatory responsibilities. Comfortable taking the lead on FCA and UK Regulatory Compliance projects, stakeholder management is key; collaborating with the client, their SMEs and external partners to produce learning experiences for workflow application that enhances organisational resilience.

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Design and deliver online content for the Senior Managers and Certification Regime; as well as introductory resources, i.e.identifying responsibilities, setting out expectations etc, the required annual obligations including  CPD opportunities.

Create resources adhering to the latest legislation and regulations as part of the responsibilities to maintain integrity of the UK financial markets. Content including AML/CTF, Fraud, PEPS & Sanctions, Tax Evasion, Gifts & Hospitality etc.

With transparency being integral to retaining customer trust, I work with SMEs and industry experts to design resources for financial organisations.  Content exploring the systems and controls in place that fully adhere to the regulators' expectations.

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