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Ah! Data Flow

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

As a consequence of birth, I suffer the misfortune of being the Middle Child. We empower the Eldest Child to be the pioneer; where no other offspring has gone before. We comfort the Youngest Child, reminding them that whatever they aspire to, we've ‘got your back’. But what are our expectations? What's left for us? Compliance: a trait I fully adhere to! I never took unnecessary risks, I never defied my folks, and I never delayed grassing up on Michelle or Our Wayne whenever they strayed off the path (accepting that ‘snitches get stitches’).

These values and behaviours have supported me in my professional life. When I launched my limited company, I took great pains to ensure that I ticked every box, assessed every risk, and every subscriber list had my name on it. Which is how I heard about the

ICO’s Data Protection & Brexit.

The site offers guidance for small businesses, large organisations, public sector companies, and data protection specialists.