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Ah! Data Flow

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

As a consequence of birth, I suffer the misfortune of being the Middle Child. We empower the Eldest Child to be the pioneer; where no other offspring has gone before. We comfort the Youngest Child, reminding them that whatever they aspire to, we've ‘got your back’. But what are our expectations? What's left for us? Compliance: a trait I fully adhere to! I never took unnecessary risks, I never defied my folks, and I never delayed grassing up on Michelle or Our Wayne whenever they strayed off the path (accepting that ‘snitches get stitches’).

These values and behaviours have supported me in my professional life. When I launched my limited company, I took great pains to ensure that I ticked every box, assessed every risk, and every subscriber list had my name on it. Which is how I heard about the

The site offers guidance for small businesses, large organisations, public sector companies, and data protection specialists.

In her myth-busting blog, Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham explains the current circumstances. "In a ‘no deal’ situation the UK Government has already made clear its intention to enable data to flow from the UK to EEA countries additional measures. However, transfers of personal data from the EEA to the UK will be affected. The key question around the flow of personal data is whether your data is going from the UK to the EEA or exchanged both ways? If you are unsure, start by mapping your data flows and establish where the personal data you are responsible for is going." (Denham, 2019). The ICO’s website also provides an interactive tool offering guidance for small businesses who send or receive data to European customers, suppliers, etc. I worked through the questions and implemented the advice given to my responses.

Ultimately, we must continue complying with the GDPR standards. Follow the Data Principles and actively stay up to date with ICO guidance.

I’ve reviewed my data flows, mapping where and how data is transferred. I’ve updated my website’s Privacy Policy and identified which documentation may need revising when the UK leaves the EU. There’s no need to panic; by subscribing to regulation updates and knowing where to seek professional advice, this Middle Child continues to comply. With everything ticked on my To-Do List, it's time for tea... Winner winner, chicken dinner!

What is Imagimont?

I'm Jo, a Freelance Learning Experience Designer at Imagimont Ltd. With a creative flair and commitment to engagement, I manage development projects that align to the organisation’s culture, values and business strategy. Partnering with internal stakeholders and external providers, I deliver blended learning resources fully accessible using multimedia at the point of need. My commercial awareness, UK Regulatory Compliance expertise and 10 years’ experience as a People Development Specialist ensure that learning initiatives evolve as quickly as service expectations.


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